Current header bidding and wrapper tags are reactionary and incomplete solutions to publisher’s business needs. Unlike existing offerings that require continuous development, lack a robust user interface, management tools or analytics, the PubMatic Wrapper Solution provides the only complete solution for publishers with:

Makes life easier for ad operations teams with auto-detection and mapping of ad slots to header bidding identifiers

Efficiently and effectively manage header bidding partners with granular user controls that eliminate the need for complex backend coding

PubMatic’s industry-leading real-time analytics solution provides the volume, latency and monetization metrics that publishers need to effectively maximize their header bidding strategies

"Programmatic is the future of digital advertising, and header bidding is a critical part of how we get there. We’re working closely with PubMatic to not only take back control of our inventory management capabilities, but also determine accurate 'market prices' for our inventory, effectively resetting the digital currency as we know it."
— Lars Näslund, Head of Data and Programmatic at Egmont

For more information, download the Wrapper Solution one sheet here.