As people consume more video content and move their viewing habits to multiple screens and devices, publishers have the opportunity to capture their attention by adding video to their existing mobile and desktop inventory.

Video content is the most efficient and direct way to strengthen consumer engagement and extend audience reach, and as the most recent addition to our One Platform solution, it empowers publishers with the following key monetization benefits:

One Platform: PubMatic's integrated auction delivers maximum demand for every impression by allowing multiple types of media buyers and buying setups to compete for your inventory.

Private Marketplaces: Publishers can construct exclusive Private Marketplace deals for the high value video inventory. Package inventory and programmatically negotiate deals directly with buyers through a secure transaction within the UI.

VPAID/VAST compatibility: Both IAB video standards are fully supported by PubMatic.

Multiple formats: PubMatic enables publishers to activate In-stream, In-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll, and Companion ads.

Granular reporting: PubMatic's unified, real-time reporting and analytics platform, enhances you with streamlined third-party reporting integrations, customer inventory bundles, as well as easy campaign set up and monitoring.

Consulting: PubMatic offers a programmatic solution with in-house video expertise to help both its publisher and media buyers navigate the multi-screen environment and understand how to leverage audiences across multiple screens and devices.