At PubMatic, we know that questions can come up at any time of the day or night. That's why we have offices and staff located around the world, so you have access to audience, performance, and revenue-generating insights, best practice strategies, and platform support from our experts when you need it.

With PubMatic's "always on" global customer service and support, publishers can conduct business seamlessly, confident that their brands are protected, and media buyers can access and bid on premium inventory and audiences with ease and efficiency.

"Working with PubMatic has given us solutions to assist the varying needs of our advertisers. Having a highly granular and virtually real-time understanding of our audience will help us to make the most of our cross-platform inventory. The PubMatic One Platform allows us to dynamically create and adjust our strategy across our entire portfolio of highly coveted inventory, based on real time market demands and events."

- Kerel Cooper, Senior Director of Digital Ad Platform Strategies at Advance Digital