Make maximizing the value of your digital assets simple with PubMatic's One Platform solution. The Real-Time Bidding (RTB) auction enabled by PubMatic's platform allows publishers and media buyers to evaluate the attributes of each impression to determine its precise value, optimizing yield and maximizing revenue.

PubMatic's platform provides superior control for pricing rules and deep insights on buyer inventory preferences, packaging performance and bidding behavior, empowering publishers not only to take advantage of RTB, but to do so as part of a complete digital monetization strategy that will help grow their business. Publishers that move onto the PubMatic platform see significantly higher eCPM or pricing than they do from traditional ad network transactions and media buyers are able to pinpoint the right inventory and audiences to fulfill their marketing campaigns in real time.

For buyers who do not use Real-Time Bidding, PubMatic can offer a bid on their behalf based on historical buying insights — all while still managing business rules for brand control, pricing, and advertiser block lists.