PubDirect is a suite of publisher capabilities powered by the PubMatic platform to add and manage sales channels in real time for each ad impression. An ecosystem designed to bring Private Marketplace to life in concert with traditional premium sales, PubDirect helps publishers manage ongoing business, forecast future performance and maximize revenue across both direct and automated sales channels.

For Private Marketplace strategies to be successful, the exchange functionality is only a piece of puzzle. It takes a comprehensive approach to ensure sales channel alignment, packaging differentiation, and valuable insights for direct sales to retain their power as they transition to include direct programmatic sales.

Backed by our 24/7 global services team and offering easy-to-use dashboards and controls, PubDirect combines:

Audience Direct: Publishers' power comes from a curated and exclusive relationship with unique and valuable audiences, and programmatic buying starts with identifying key audiences. Publishers using Audience Direct can leverage the same tools that buyers use to identify, evaluate, and index valuable audience segments for sales.

Layer first-party data with third-party audience data to create custom segments for targeted campaigns. These segments can be indexed against past demand to determine new revenue opportunities and then programmatically sold.

Deal Management: Direct sales are the driver of a publisher's advertising revenue success, and executing the variation of those sales requires a transaction and workflow toolset.

Package, price and sell inventory in a traditional sales model, but execute those sales programmatically. Designed to complement and supplement those direct sales, monitor site-specific sponsorships and custom solutions, context and site-based placements and targeted audience segments.

Unified Insights: Once a publisher starts selling in multiple ways, it is imperative to see those sales channels in a single analytic view. Take informed action with real time dynamic reporting into who is buying and what is being sold across a publisher's direct and automated sold inventory. Compare individual advertisers across sales channels to develop a holistic sales strategy, and benchmark vertical ad spend to drive sales channel coordination.

Unified Optimization Engine: Gives publishers the ability to look across their buckets of inventory to determine where, when and to whom they should be sold for the highest value. With these tools, publishers gain complete control over their advertising monetization no matter how inventory is sold.

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