Programmatic technology has changed how media is bought and sold around the world. It has enabled more efficiency and transparency, smarter inventory management and safer, more targeted advertising. It does that on an impression-by-impression basis. Today, we are moving towards workflow automation, as publishers realize the efficiencies and efficacy that can be gained from non-RTB, or direct, buying channels like Private Marketplace and Automated Guaranteed.

PubMatic’s Programmatic Direct set of solution allows you to manage and package premium audience and inventory to existing and new media buyers. Powered by real-time insights, publishers are able to streamline the creation, pricing and packaging of high quality ad impressions and audiences. You can create these packages at scale across all media formats and channels. This enables you to drive higher eCPM rates and secure guaranteed revenue deals through a single unified platform.

Highlights of PubMatic Programmatic Direct for publishers include:

  • Workflow Efficiencies —Make your direct and indirect sales processes more efficient by reducing the traditionally time-consuming process required to execute guaranteed and non-guaranteed direct sales.
  • Maximize Discovery —Price, package and manage inventory offers for sale across multiple demand sources, creating effective competition across multiple types of demand through a single unified platform.
  • Unified Campaign Management — Control and manage your premium inventory across multiple channels including RTB, Private Marketplaces (PMP) and Automated Guaranteed.
  • Tag Trafficking Automation — Easily automate tag trafficking directly into your ad server for greater efficiency.
  • Audience Matching — Access buying audience requirements and needs to create offers tailored to media buyers’ audience needs resulting in greater access to sales opportunities.
  • Real-Time Decisioning — Make informed, real-time decisions based on aggregated insights across all demand sources for improved inventory packaging.
  • Granular Insights — Enjoy a plethora of media buying insights, including package buying per platform, audience, categories and inventory search actions.

For more information download the PubMatic Programmatic Direct one sheet here.