Programmatic technology has changed how media is bought and sold around the world. It has enabled more efficiency and transparency, smarter inventory management and safer, more targeted advertising. It does that on an impression-by-impression basis. Today, we are moving towards workflow automation, as media buyers realize the efficiencies and efficacy that can be gained from non-RTB, or direct, buying channels like Private Marketplace and Automated Guaranteed.

PubMatic’s Programmatic Direct set of solutions offers you access to premium inventory and audiences and provides you with the ability to transact directly with publishers across all sources of supply - including guaranteed impressions that were previously accessible only through the manual process of sales calls, RFPs and media plans. Powered by real-time insights, media buyers can more easily achieve their media objectives by leveraging unified audience and inventory insights no matter how or where they buy.

Highlights of PubMatic Programmatic Direct for media buyers include:

  • Single Sales Point — Transact with publishers on guaranteed inventory; negotiate price and secure premium deals without sacrificing quality or scale.
  • Reduced Vendor Reliance — Transact directly with publishers using the interface of your choice. By utilizing PubMatic’s state-of-the-art Unified API, you can limit the number of UIs required, streamlining the process of meeting your media objectives.
  • Instant Access Across Channels — Access premium Private Marketplace and Automated Guaranteed inventory offers via a single point. Leverage programmatic tools to validate audience packages and buying strategies in order to maximize performance and ROI.
  • Planning & Buying — Access premium inventory while leveraging the power of impression-level targeting to reach the right audience at the highest scale possible.
  • Increased Control & Transparency — Access comprehensive insights on the performance of your guaranteed and non-guaranteed campaigns.
  • Lookalike Audiences — Audience inventory recommendations based on buyers’ audiences help you unlock additional inventory, ensuring easier transactions and greater ROI.
  • Campaign Intelligence — Leverage campaign and media performance insights that empower you with a new level of intelligence; determine which inventory and audiences to invest in to increase marketing ROI.

For more information download the PubMatic Programmatic Direct one sheet here.