Native advertising holds the promise of increased consumer engagement across channels and platforms. The fragmented nature of the native advertising market poses challenges for both publishers and media buyers that want to take advantage of the flexible, customizable nature of native ads without sacrificing scalability.

PubMatic revolutionizes the native advertising ecosystem by unifying the requirements of native programmatic for buyers and sellers to ensure scalability, standardization and improved consumer engagement.

Highlights of PubMatic's Native Ads include:

  • Cross-channel Approach to Native. PubMatic enables discovery and transaction of native ad units across every sales channel, including direct, Real-Time Bidding, Open Market and Private Marketplaces.
  • Standard and Customizable Formats. PubMatic's flexible architecture allows publishers to customize their Native ad units to match their business needs.  Whether it is supporting standard Native IAB ad formats, non-standard customized Native formats, or multiple images and video assets, PubMatic enables publishers to seamlessly manage their Native ad business at scale across all sales channels. 
  • Connected to Scalable Demand. PubMatic delivers ad serving and programmatically traded native inventory across desktop, mobile and tablet, with access to top native demand sources including leading social networking channels.
  • Standardization and Contextual Relevancy. PubMatic enables contextually relevant and scalable native ad units that provide greater reach and deeper consumer engagement.
  • Flexibility and Control. PubMatic's extensible native ads architecture allows publishers to choose from standard native ad units, such as content wall, app wall, news feed, chat lists, carousel and content streams, or to construct their own based on their unique requirements.
  • Brand Safety. PubMatic offers malware and brand safety control tools with systematic protection as well as human monitoring, helping you protect your exclusive inventory 24/7.
  • Advance Insights and Analytics. PubMatic Analytics provides real-time analytics, customizable reports and data visualization controls across inventory to ensure informed decision-making.
  • One Platform. PubMatic unites native advertising with programmatic and direct sales channels across all screens through a single unified platform.

For more information, download the PubMatic Native Ads one sheet here.