As consumers divert more of their time and attention to tablets, smartphones and other connected mobile devices, advertising dollars have been quick to follow. To help publishers capitalize on this global trend, PubMatic has brought the same spirit of innovation to mobile media that it brought to the desktop landscape.

Our real-time bidding technology allows publishers to maximize the value of each impression. With our data enrichment capabilities, publishers are able to enrich each impression with first party data parameters and profitably leverage their custom audiences across all mobile devices as well as PCs.

PubMatic also provides our media buying partners with a non-cookie technology that allows media buyers to deliver behavioral targeting and frequency capping across mobile inventory. Media buyers can uniquely identify and behaviorally target devices while providing transparency and persistent privacy choices, regardless the vendors with which vendors they work.

Leverage your brand across screens. Extending into to a new environment does not mean leaving old standards behind. PubMatic helps premium publishers navigate the mobile landscape while rigorously protecting their brand. Publishers can access our suite of brand protection tools, ranging from proactive to reactive measures, that are included as part of the platform. Our solutions help publishers understand which advertisers are appearing on their sites, block unwanted ads and advertisers and protect their content from potentially harmful ads or pixels that may contain malware or affect site performance.

Let us bring demand to your doorstep. PubMatic is ORMMA and MRAID rich media compliant and supports all ad sizes—from static banners to full screen interstitials. Our proprietary device library catalogues thousands of devices to ensure ads are optimized for device size, version, OS and camera support among many other features.

Our device identification allows us to see desktop inventory targeted to tablets or other mobile devices. To increase demand for these types of impressions we integrate the traditional desktop auction to allow access to our mobile-only media buying partners. Additionally, PubMatic integrates with major mobile ad servers globally and all the leading networks and DSPs to help publishers monetize inventory and maximize revenue.

Publishers can also construct exclusive Private Marketplace deals for coveted mobile inventory. With our PubDirect suite of capabilities you can package inventory and programmatically negotiate exclusive deals directly with buyers, all through a secure transaction within the UI.