Scaling the monetization of your mobile application inventory can be more than a little daunting. That's why PubMatic opened its feature-rich mobile software development kit (SDK) to mobile app publishers of all sizes—providing you with the tools you need to maximize results, and the added benefit of an easy and simple way to roll over to our full-service enterprise solution when your mobile app becomes the next big overnight success story.

Our mobile SDK helps mobile app publishers maximize revenue by leveraging PubMatic's Real-Time Bidding auction to select the highest-paying demand sources, and we provide detailed reporting data segregated on the basis of a range of metrics, including impression, eCPM, and revenue.

PubMatic's mobile SDK is MRAID rich media-compliant and supports all ad sizes. With many dynamically enriched data parameters being passed, a high degree of sensitivity towards privacy, integration with dozens of mobile ad networks and hundreds of demand sources, the RTB environment enabled by our mobile SDK empowers mobile app publishers to make the most of their digital assets.