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PubMatic takes the One Platform approach. Our comprehensive platform gives buyers access to our extensive supply of inventory through a single Unified Auction. Our One Auction approach presents desktop, mobile, tablet web and video inventory in a single auction. Demand partners are then able to identify the type of impression, along with the type of device it’s targeted to, and bid on the inventory that best suits their needs. And with the ability to append 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data; buyers on the PubMatic platform are able to know more than ever about each impression. Learn how the One Platform, One Auction approach can benefit your business.

Types of inventory available on the platform include:


As consumers divert more of their time and attention to tablets, smartphones and other connected mobile devices advertising dollars have been quick to follow. With PubMatic, demand partners have their choice of mobile RTB integration interfaces and the ability to leverage device identifiers such as IDFA, Odin, Android ID and PubMatic ID for mobile behavioral targeting and frequency capping across web and app inventory. Our proprietary device library catalogues more than 10,000 devices to ensure ads are optimized for device size, version, OS and camera support among many other features. PubMatic is ORMMA and MRAID rich media compliant and supports all ad sizes – from static banners to full screen interstitials.

Pair mobile RTB with audience targeting and comprehensive privacy choices. PubMatic also provides our demand partners with a privacy-safe cookie alternative to mobile web and app environments. We allow you to uniquely identify and behaviorally target devices while providing transparency and persistent privacy choices, regardless of which vendors you currently work with. PubMatic has taken the lead on the important issue of consumer privacy and digital targeting by creating this new privacy and identification technology solution. Activate mobile behavioral advertising and frequency capping across the platform while ensuring you and your advertisers are adhering to the most rigorous privacy standards.


Reach more than 400MM global unique viewers across inventory from more than 220 countries. Our expansive global sales and services teams across EMEA, APAC, and LATAM work to add new premium global inventory to the platform daily. In addition, PubMatic maintains four data centers around the globe for localized ad serving and reduced latency.

Audience Targeting

Bid on the audiences most valuable to you. Each impression in the PubMatic auction can be enhanced with 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data; giving buyers precision targeting across display, mobile, tablet and video inventory. Demand partners can also cookie sync with publisher audiences to incorporate CRM, retargeting and exclusion strategies in their digital advertising.

Publishers taking advantage of PubDirect can offer buyers access to proprietary audience segments either directly through Private Marketplace deals or through the open market. With up to 50 mobile data parameters available and exclusive audiences offered in Private Marketplaces PubMatic has your best audiences waiting for you.

Media Packages

PubMatic makes media planning easy with pre-bundled packages of premium inventory. With PubMatic buyers are able to access pre-defined vertical or audience packages, seasonal packages, publisher and/or site specific inventory packages as well as pre-selected publisher packages and pricing available in Private Marketplaces. Our 24/7/365 service team will work with you directly to create customized packages for all of your advertising needs.

Enhanced Inventory

Show off with engaging creative on top tier inventory. Through the platform you can programmatically access rich media and expandable ad units, IAB Rising Star units and coveted homepage inventory across our best-in-class publisher portfolio. PubMatic can also negotiate with publishers on your behalf to create tailored rich media packages for you and your clients' needs.

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