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PubMatic allows buyers maximum flexibility when choosing how to access our premium and exclusive inventory opportunities. Our technology provides easy access to the inventory and audiences that premium brands desire. From traditional display to rich media to homepage and rising star units; buyers on the PubMatic platform have access to over 1,000 of the world's top publishers.

Ways to access our premium publishers include:

Real-Time Bidding API integration

Real Time Bidding, pioneered for publishers by PubMatic in 2009, allows buyers and sellers to evaluate the attributes of each impression to determine its precise value. With cookie syncing, the ability to use 1st and 3rd party data and the flexibility to submit up to 5 responses for each bid request, Real-Time Bidding on the PubMatic platform allows demand partners to connect with their best audiences like never before.

PubMatic's Real-Time Bidding enabled platform handles more than 88 billion impressions per month and gives buyers access to inventory from more than 220 countries, including desktop, mobile, tablet and video inventory. Demand partners can easily integrate via API, and our 24/7/365 global Real-Time Bidding specialists are always at your disposal.

Spot Buys

Utilizing our proprietary Ad Price PredictionTM technology, buyers without a bidder can participate in the PubMatic Unified Auction. Partners can access exclusive Private Marketplace deals, execute IOs via self-service or managed service and access detailed campaign reporting. Spot Buys give partners access to all of desktop, mobile, tablet and Private Marketplace inventory on the PubMatic platform.

Private Marketplaces

Use PubMatic to get in front of the world's best publishers. With Private Marketplaces, PubMatic acts as your personal concierge to the industry's best inventory. You can unlock exclusive inventory opportunities and premium packages with our industry leading Deal Management suite.

PubMatic's Private Marketplace includes a fully Programmatic IO process. As a part of Deal Management, Private Marketplace provides first look access to unique audiences enriched with 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data and the ability to plan, negotiate and execute IOs programmatically. Our secure DealID ensures proposals, pricing and deals can only be viewed by approved buyers and sellers. Be at the forefront of this market predicted to represent $1.2 billion in ad spend by 2016.

PubLink API portal

PubLink is a suite of solutions powered by the PubMatic platform to offer easy integration via a robust API stack. With point solutions for both buyers and publishers, PubLink makes integrating with 3rd party vendors across the portal seamless. More information of current APIs can be found in detail on the PubLink page.

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