Media buyers have maximum flexibility when choosing how to access PubMatic's inventory opportunities. Our technology provides easy access to the inventory and audiences that premium brands desire. From traditional display and rich media to homepage and IAB Rising Star units, buyers on the PubMatic platform have access to hundreds of publishers.

Ways to access our publishers include:

Real-Time Bidding API integration: PubMatic's Real-Time Bidding (RTB) enabled platform gives buyers access to inventory from many countries, including desktop, mobile, tablet and video inventory. Media buyers can easily integrate via API, and PubMatic’s global service and support specialists are available 24/7/365. With cookie syncing, the ability to use first- and third-party data and the flexibility to submit several responses for each bid request, RTB on the PubMatic platform allows buyers to connect with their best audiences like never before.

Programmatic Direct: PubMatic’s Programmatic Direct set of solutions provides you with access to premium inventory and audiences and provides you with the ability to transact directly with publishers across all sources of supply - including guaranteed impressions that were previously accessible only through the manual process of sales calls, RFPs and media plans. Powered by real-time insights, media buyers become can more easily achieve their media objectives by leveraging unified audience and inventory insights no matter how or where they buy.

Private Marketplaces: Use PubMatic to access the world's best publishers. With Private Marketplaces, PubMatic acts as your personal concierge to premium inventory. You also can unlock exclusive inventory opportunities and premium packages with our PubDirect suite of capabilities.

PubMatic's Private Marketplace includes a fully programmatic purchase process. Private Marketplace provides first look access to unique audiences enriched with first- and third-party data and the ability to plan, negotiate and execute purchases programmatically. Our secure Deal ID ensures proposals, pricing and deals can be viewed only by approved buyers and sellers.

Spot Buys: Buyers without a bidder can also participate in the PubMatic Real-Time Bidding Auction using our proprietary ad price prediction technology. Partners can access exclusive Private Marketplace deals, execute insertion orders via self-service or managed service and access detailed campaign reporting. Spot Buys give partners access to all desktop, mobile, tablet and Private Marketplace inventory on the PubMatic platform.