PubMatic Media Buyer Console 2.0

Inspiring Buyer Confidence

With the rapidly growing number of devices, channels and point solutions, it’s no surprise a recent survey shows that only 20% of agencies trust programmatic buying to accurately execute their orders.* Buyers are actively looking for solutions around inventory quality, audience discovery, brand safety and viewability so they can confidently embrace programmatic buying.

The PubMatic Media Buyer Console 2.0 directly addresses these challenges and enables brands, agencies, trading desks, and DSPs to intelligently and efficiently buy and manage high quality private marketplace campaigns at scale across all formats and channels.

The PubMatic Media Buyer Console 2.0 includes:

  • Featured Offers
    Much like a storefront, buyers browse the Media Buyer Console 2.0 dashboard to discover seasonal and featured offers, empowering buyers to quickly discover premium inventory and reach relevant audiences.
  • Superior Search
    Buyers can use extensive search filters and a powerful real-time offer matching function to improve deal discovery.
  • Deal Health Monitoring
    Deal health monitoring provides buyers with a customizable dashboard and proactive recommendations for improving private marketplace performance, saving time and enabling them to quickly analyze the most relevant data for campaign optimization.
  • Industry First Campaign ID
    Buyers can rapidly scale multi-publisher PMP packages across a single deal ID – an industry first. PubMatic’s Campaign ID, merges the scale of the open exchange with the brand-safe premium environment of the private marketplace.

For more information about Media Buyer Console 2.0 download the fact sheet here or contact today.