Decision Manager: Maximizing Revenue and Control on Every Ad Impression

Publishers often use a legacy technique called waterfalling to determine the demand source that will serve a given impression. Waterfalling involves calling on a pre- fixed sequence of demand sources in descending order based on their average historic CPMs. This approach, many times, results in lost revenue opportunities for publishers. This is because the demand source offering the highest CPM may be at a lower priority in the waterfall sequence so the highest bid does not win or serve the ad.

PubMatic’s Decision Manager solves this problem by creating one holistic view of all demand sources from direct sold to programmatic. Decision Manager allows publishers to find the highest CPM or highest yield on each impression while retaining control of monetization levers such as demand source selection, CPM thresholds and campaign pacing. With this, PubMatic creates a bid environment where publishers can maximize revenue on every ad impression opportunity while maintaining control over their demand inventory set-up.

For more information download the PubMatic Decision Manager fact sheet here.