PubMatic enables publishers to realize the full potential of their digital assets. Since its founding in 2006, PubMatic has consistently been first-to-market with industry-changing products, services and systems for publishers. Our products are supported by always-on consulting and services that reflect our belief in putting publishers' needs first.

  • 2007: 1st to Market with Yield Optimization for Publishers across ad networks
  • 2008: 1st to Market with Global Demand partner representation for Publishers
  • 2009: 1st to Market with Real-Time Bidding (RTB) for Publishers
  • 2010: 1st to Market with Data Theft prevention tools and dynamic Brand Protection tool suite
  • 2011: 1st to Market with Unified Insights; blending guaranteed and non-guaranteed sales channels; Audience Data Analytics packaging segmented with real-time yield impact; Pixel Blocking for data theft protection; and RTB for Mobile ad units
  • 2012: 1st to Market with Unified Revenue Optimization across guaranteed and non-guaranteed sales channels for every impression

Every Ad. Every Sales Channel. Every Screen. One Platform. PubMatic.

A Services-First Approach

Underpinning PubMatic's technology is our commitment to deliver always-on consulting and services. PubMatic believes that the promise of any customer relationship is fulfilled through service: that's why we call ourselves a "Strategic Selling Platform". Our expert, engaged team is in the business of helping publishers sell media – not competing with them. We ensure that publishers can conduct business seamlessly, with full confidence they will get the most value for each and every ad.

Core Values

We Put the Customer First.
We Are Biased Towards Action.
We Are Leaders and Innovators.
We Are Committed to Integrity.
We Celebrate Teamwork.